100% biodegradable, compostable and ecological

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Available in:

  • 3 cu ft boxes for smaller parcel shipments
  • Standard 14 cu ft bags
  • Call for Truckload qtys.
  • Biopeanut Dispensers available

Eco-friendly biopeanuts on the rise

Biopeanuts™ have become the preferred choice for packers, shippers, brand owners and consumers the world over. They are made from Renewable vegetable starches and represent a sustainable and holistic approach to packaging.

A premium product when you consider the benefits

  • One very important feature and long considered the "gold standard" in biodegradability is the ability to disintegrate in water without harming marine life or ground water sources.
  • Inherently anti-static, means no messy peanuts blowing around sticking together.
  • Clean non-dusting and shock resistant.
  • Meets Domestic ASTM D6400 and the more stringent EN DIN CERTCO 13432 standards for 100% biodegradability and compostability.
  • Multiple disposal options allow you to dispose of bio peanuts in your home compost or at an industrial facility.
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Why biopeanuts actually cost you less

It is correct that Biopeanuts™ cost more than traditional petrol-based loose-fill products, however the "cheaper price" of traditional peanuts does not reflect the "true costs" of collection, waste disposal, and environmental impacts associated with their use. When you consider these factors biopeanuts actually cost you less.

  • Show your customers you care! By using biopeanuts
  • you're creating value for your brands while
  • conveying to the customer that you
  • support sustainable and renewable
  • products.

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3 cu. ft. Carton: $12.00
12 cu. ft. Carton: $18.00